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Who are we?

WorldFxAK LTD is a team of more than 19 professional traders with years of experience in the financial markets. We scan the markets 24/7 every single day. We decided to build our company to help retail forex traders profit consistently every month using our expertise. WorldFxAK LTD is registered in the UK and we provide services globally.

Copy Trading

(Our Signal, Your Trade)

Here at WorldFxAK LTD, we do all the hard work for our clients. We analyse the markets, keep a close eye on world economy and craft the perfect signal for our clients. We give details of every trade we take including Entry Price, Stop Loss and Take Profit. The clients copy and paste the details into their trading platform from their phones and we make money together.

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We provide 1-2 free signals in our free telegram channel every day.

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Paid Channel

(Where the real action happens)

Our professional traders analyse the market every day. Members are notified via message in Telegram App everytime we take a trade. Our VIP members get 5-8 top quality signals every week. VIP members get support with any of their queries 24/7. Our target is  achieving 1000+ pips every week so that our clients can profit regardless of their account size. We have an unbeatable accuracy rate of more than 90%. We help all our VIP members with their money management. WorldFxAK Ltd is reputed for its ‘consistent‘ results.



“Reliable and Accurate” by John

“Zoom Teaching Calls are Amazing” by Katherine

“Best Signal Providers” by Chips

Why Choose Us?

We save your time

You don’t need to spend hours in front of the charts and news channel everyday. We do that for you while you can spend that time elsewhere. You can have our service and make money while you are on a job or spending time with your family.

We save your money

Making money consistently in the Forex market takes years of experience which includes losing a lot of money in the process. We trade our expertise to save you from the losses and make you money from the beginning.

We do the hard work

Our team of professional traders scan the markets 24/7. We analyse and decrypt the markets and economies for you. All of us take the same trades. All of us make money!

We are consistent

Consistency is the name of the game. We are disciplined and patient traders and we know what they’re doing. As a result we’ve always been able to come out profitable unlike other similar services.

24/7 Support

You can contact us any time of the day. We will get back to you in the shortest period of time. You can message us anytime of the day with any of your queries. We are always there to help.

Unbeatable Accuracy

We hold an accuracy of more than 85% which allows us to have a very little drawdown and maximum profits. All results are verified. Give our Free Telegram channel a visit to verify our results.

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Our Programs

PAMM Account

(Percentage allocation management module)

Percentage allocation management module, also known as percentage allocation money management or PAMM, is a form of pooled money forex trading. An investor gets to allocate his or her money in desired proportion to the WorldFxAK LTD experienced Account Managers to gain upto 30% profits weekly.

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Algo Trading

(Where you automate your earning)

WorldFxAK LTD Is A Group Of Experienced Traders Using Advanced Trading Strategies!
Algo Trading claims to generate 17% Profits every week contistently. WorldFxAK LTD uses the highly personal and very owned Dedicated Servers to connect your account with our ALGO, to ensure 24/7 Uptime.

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WorldFxAK LTD is a team of more than 19 professional traders with years of experience in the financial markets. We scan the markets 24/7 every single day.

To get Free Signals, you can join us at TELEGRAM

WorldFxAK focus on Quality not on Qantity, VIP members get 5-8 top quality signals every week with over 1000+ pips. We also manage ZOOM CALLS on weekly base to teach our VIP’s.

The usage of our Signals is easy and comfortable. Daily, our team of analysts focuses on all of the profitable strategies in each currency pair. The experts allows you to look through all the abilities in our community (the Free Telegram Channel gives info about 1 trade signal, the VIP Channel in Telegram platform gives info about 2-4 short term signals with a greater quality).

We share with our members the Buy/Sell orders, the Entry point, Stop loss and Take profit levels, you just have to copy and paste them in MT4

The Risk:Reward varies of setup, usually we have R:R in between 1:3 to 1:15 and the success rate is more than 90%

Yes, you are always welcome to test our signals. We offer 1-2 free signals in our telegram channel.

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FOREX can be a very quick way to become rich only if you have the skill. This skill takes years to build. People who are in the markets for years understand the ever changing market demands and act accordingly.

One way is to learn to trade like the professional traders. Another easier way is to take the exact same calls as the professionals and make money together. This is exactly what we offer in our signal service where all the signals are given by our professional traders.

In our team there are professional traders and analysts with over nine-year experience and passed by thousands of exchange situations. They are daily exploring the FOREX trading conditions and are making an overview of the results combining some technical and fundamental analyses.

Once figured out, the market opportunity is instantly submitted to our clients.

Our Signals and ideas have absolutely speculative character and it is possible to find some differences between our expectations and the market itself. Trading with currency pairs is quite risky, as you probably know. Everyone who has made the decision to use our Signals, has to take the responsibility for his/her own actions.

Becoming successful in FOREX takes years of hard work and patience. But with us, you don’t even need any past experience in the industry.
You only have to follow our guidance.
Foreign currency exchange is simple and easy to understand. Our goal is to offer a top quality service for all types and levels of traders among our trading community. In any case, it is recommended to learn at least the basics of FOREX trading in order to achieve better results, we do zoom calls for it on weekly base.

First of all you need to know the basics of trading FOREX and we will do weekly zoom calls in premium channel to teach it. If you’re a complete beginner in FOREX enroll to our Premium Channel Subscription to learn about the basics of forex trading and get top notch FOREX signals.

You will need a GOOD BROKER. After you’ve created a live account with your broker, you will have to deposit initial balance to your account. Then you’re all set to start trading the FOREX market with us.

95% traders loose money. What would happen if someone knew what 95% traders are doing? S/he could simply take the opposite trades and win 95% of the times. This is exactly what the market maker brokers do, as a result, they want you to loose your money so that they can win.
This is why a good broker is a very crucial part of your FOREX journey. We recommend you to use reputed true ECN brokers only.

We have a team of profitable traders and we do weekly zoom calls to teach basic to advanced level trading.By using our service, you can sharp your skills and follow exactly what we are trading and we can make money together.

We analyse the market and provide you precise details of the Entry price, Stop Loss and Take Profit in our Telegram Channel. We provide money management advise to the VIP members which means we tell them which lot size to use. We update the members when to close a trade and lock profits.

Some signal providers perform good for 1 month and then they loose the next month. With our experience in the market, we have learnt how to sustain in an ever changing market without being inconsistent. We have been profitable over the years which makes us the best choice for you if you want to sustain long term.

In FOREX, we can short currency pairs as well. In simple words, we can even make money when the price of an asset goes down. We bet against the asset, when the prices go down, we win our bet and make money. Doesn’t matter if the market is bearish or bullish, there is money making opportunity all the time.

The level of credit you get on your currency investment from your broker. You can choose between a vast range of leverage amounts. Most brokers usually offer up to 1:100 (meaning for example – 1,000 EUR becomes worth 100,000 Euros of traded currency!). There are some brokers that offer even higher leverage, like 1:500.
Remember, high leverage is far more risky while also potentially far more profitable. No other market can compete with this scale of leverage.

It depends on the trading platform (the broker) that you choose. Each broker decides on a minimum deposit (usually between 50 to 100 US dollars). There are platforms that let you open a $25 account to start trading FOREX. Also, most brokers offer up to thousands of dollars bonuses for first-time deposits.
We advise you to open your trading account with a higher amount – $10,000 or more per standard account or $1,000 or more per mini account because in our experience this raises dramatically your chances for nice profits. Such an account makes you flexible on the market.

Our support team is available 24 x 7 and they can be reached via Live Chat, Telegram Chat and E-mail.

We work with a reliable partner called ‘Stripe’. All the transactions are processed 100% in a secure environment and you can use the credit card without any double thoughts. PayPal, NETELLER, SKRILL can be used as well.

Currently, we are accepting PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, NETELLER, SKRILL, Bank transfer, Western Union.

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