• Maximum Drawdown is only 37%
  • Appropriate Lot Sizes
  • Minimum Risk by following proper Risk Management
  • Maximum Risk:Reward usually 1:3 to 1:15 depending upon setups
  • It’s an ‘invest and forget’ service, you just come back and share profits every week. Rest in upon us.

  • No fear of missing trades, missing updates.
  • Broker of your choice. You hold the rights to withdraw. Complete ownership remains to you.
  • Account traded with appropriate lots, minimum risk, maximum Risk:Reward setups to guarantee outstanding returns. Only the most accurate setups will be traded

Account Management Details

Provide us with your MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 account login details with a minimum balance of $5000 USD. After that, we will handle rest of the setup.


You need to make a one time setup fee of $100. After that, we will setup your account, trade the account for you and share 50% of the profit every week. You only get charged when we make you profit.


Absolutely Zero Commitment. You do not have to stick around with us if you don’t want to. Although with our unbeatable track record, that is very unlikely to happen (Unless you don’t like to profit week by week consistently.)


We will never have direct access to your funds (as withdrawing rights remain to you). By giving us your MT4/MT5 login details, you are only giving us the right to execute trades on your behalf.



“WorldFxAK helped me to become Financially Free” by Rabia

“PAMM generates enough profits every week” by Clora

“I am gaining 3000$ profits every week” by Thomas

“WorldFxAK generates 20% Profits for me” by Michael


One Time Setup Fee


50/50 Profit Split Invoicing Every Week


Our Skills, Expertise & Experience

Your Profit

WorldFxAK LTD Account Management offers the most transparent, profitable and ethical way of investing in the Forex Market. Invoices are issued on a 7 day billing-cycle strictly for profitable performance generated within that particular time period.
Any outstanding drawdown will be carried out to the next month. We will only profit when you profit, so it’s in our best interest to make sure you’re profiting every week. We will make sure that this is the Best Passive Income stream you’ve ever experienced.
For more details, feel free to contact us at or drop a massage on telegram.

WorldFxAK LTD always support Transparency, so if you want to check out LIVE running accounts under our professionals, you are always welcome to have a personal ZOOM meeting with one of our representative by clicking here. Email us at or contact admin on telegram.


Performance fees are one way in which WorldFxAK make their money. WorldFxAK charges 50% performance fee.

Performance fees will be implemented at the end of every week, as long as there are profits on your account that exceed the high water mark.

management fee is different to performance fees. WorldFxAK charges a management fees of 100$ as a one-time start-up fee that investors have to pay upon opening the account.

Management Fee will be used to get your account connected with WorldFxAK master account.

high water mark is the maximum amount of money created after performance fees are deducted from the account. The high water mark has to be exceeded before any future profits may again be deducted.

For Example – If you opened an account with $10,000 and the performance fees were 25%.

If your profits during the next month were 10%, that would be $1,000 profit for the month.

Deduct performance fees of 25%, which is $250, leaving you $750 net profit for the month.

Your high water mark would be $10,750, which is the original $10,000 plus the net monthly profit of $750.

If you had a loss the next month of $500, no performance fees would be deducted and your new balance would be $10,250.

Only when your account balance surpasses your high water mark of $10,750, will performance fees be deducted and a new high water mark will be created.

Yes. In order for the WorldFxAK Team to make trades on your behalf, you will have to open up a brokerage account. WorldFxAK recommends you to open account with our RECOMMENDED BROKER.

Leverage, (gearing) in the UK, is the degree to which an investor can take advantage of borrowed money. With a small amount of money, an investor can control a lot of money. Leverage varies between brokers from 100:1 even up to 500:1.

For Example – If you opened an account with $10,000 and leverage was 100:1. You have the power to trade $1,000,000 of currency. You only have to put down 1% of the total transaction amount.

You can make a huge amount of money with leverage, BUT, you can lose all your money in no time at all.

LPOA or (Limited Power Of Attorney), is a form that the investor signs that permits the WorldFxAK Team to perform certain account actions, such as to trade the funds for the investor.

No, the Limited Power Of Attorney is not permanent. You can rescind it at any time.

Yes, no issue at all. WorldFxAK Team accepts all broker accounts. We may require some change in current broker account like Leverage etc.

No, not at all. To subscribe for PAMM, it is not necessary to have knowledge about FOREX not even basics. WorldFxAK Team will manage your account on your behalf.

No, only the WorldFxAK Team can trade your account by virtue of the LPOA or (Limited Power Of Attorney) that you have given them.

Yes, your profits will be added to your account balance and be used in any future trades.

As soon as you have opened up an account and your deposited funds have cleared, then the WorldFxAK Team can start trading.

No, all the work is carried out by the WorldFxAK Team.

Yes, you will receive a link from your forex account manager to download the trading platform onto your computer. Most brokerages use the MT4 (MetaTrader 4) platform. You will receive your log in details so that you can see your account history, download account history and see current trades in operation.

No because the funds are in your name at the brokerage. Only you can withdraw, deposit and close the account. The only limited access the WorldFxAK Team has to your account is through a LPOA (Limited Power Of Attorney). This enables the WorldFxAK Team to trade your account.

Yes absolutely. All you need to do is to let WorldFxAK Team know about it before a week atleast.

To withdraw your funds, you will have to submit a withdrawal in the brokerage. Mostly, they process withdrawl requests in 2-3 days.

This is a very relative concept and depends primarily on the risk you are taking in a deal. There are conservative traders who risk less than 1% of their capital in each order, but there are those who risk half their capital.

In WorldFxAK PAMM service, the professionals will never risk more than 1% per trade.

No, we recommend to withdraw the profits weekly only, if you withdraw profits in between trading week, it will disturb the performance.

Our support team is available 24 x 7 and they can be reached via Live Chat, Telegram Chat and E-mail.

WorldFxAK Team accepts a minimum amount of $5,000 to subscribe for PAMM.

We work with a reliable partner called ‘Stripe’. All the transactions are processed 100% in a secure environment and you can use the credit card without any double thoughts. PayPal, NETELLER, SKRILL can be used as well.

Currently, we are accepting PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, NETELLER, SKRILL, Bank transfer, Western Union.